Supporting GPs on their paperless journey

Company Biography

Niche Health was founded in December 2010 to address inefficient processes that exist in Primary Care through innovative technology solutions. This continues the ambition of achieving a paperless NHS that began when founder, Guy Bridgewater, introduced document management technologies to Primary Care in 1993.

Our key goal for the company is to electronically connect the disparate range of third party organisations that have to date, communicated manually with general practices.

In doing this we drew upon the vast knowledge of our team of highly experienced healthcare IT professionals who share the same aims. Our objectives are to make General Practices more efficient through technology, and save the NHS valuable time and resource, whilst enhancing information governance and security.

The first product we developed was noteSpace, a secure service that combines the use of software and off-site storage to free the practice from paper based (Lloyd George) medical records.

noteSpace manages the flow of records to and from the practice as needed, both electronically and manually.

To date over a million Lloyd George (and A4) records have been removed from General Practice freeing much needed space through which additional services are offered to patients.

With noteSpace established, the company has actively developed new technologies to address the ever growing time and resource drain on GPs that is caused by third party report requests.

Our latest product, iGPR (intelligent GP Reporting), focuses on General Practice insurance reports, and will also encompass a range of other reports such as medico-legal requests from solicitors.